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If your only tool is a hammer you treat the world like a nail. Screen Beans Art  A Bit Better Corporation

I got a call from a salesman looking for my help with a business owner. The salesman was frustrated because the owner so needed the product but was not making a decision, though he was willing to keep talking.

The business owner was tired and frantically busy as his business grew past 100 employees. He was traveling more and more, continually meeting prospective clients, reviewing active projects, and checking on employees. He was proudly a stickler for quality and involved with every detail. His company's reputation for excellent work was a foundation of their success and growth.

My immediate response was, "Wow! He must have a terrible time retaining key employees."

"How did you know that?" the salesman exclaimed "He says that is his #1 problem."

"Of course it is. The best people don't ...

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