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Dear Reader,

Two Faced Mask

Lying is the toughest part of being a salesman. No, not me lying, but people like you assuming that I--the salesperson--am lying. Expecting the worst of salespeople seems to bring out the worst in prospects.

Years ago, I heard that one of my clients had been put in charge of a major new project. Expecting more business, I went to his office and said, "Congratulations on getting Project X."

He looked me in the eye--looked me in the eye!--and said, "That's not my project."

"Who's got it?" I asked.

"It hasn't been approved," he said.

I was in a meeting a few days later where he reported on Project X, that he had been running for weeks. Weeks! I was stunned, but he didn't even react to my glare. Lying to a salesman apparently isn't worth being embarrassed about.

I got accustomed to being mislead by prospects, but a few years ago a purchasing agent still managed to shock me. She told me about a...

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