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Dear Reader,

Click here for Tony Mayo's podcastI am very pleased to announce that my podcast has been accepted by iTunes. Thanks to this amazing, free service from the design geniuses at Apple you can easily receive automatic downloads of my talks and interviews to your iPod, iPad, iPhone, or iDon't-know-what-else through your iTunes account. Just click here and either listen through your computer or subscribe to have new episodes placed on your device as they become available.

You may also set up an automatic "feed" to non-Apple devices by using this link: click here for other devices.

Podcasts are already available on goal setting, trust, persistence, and helping employees follow company policy.

Free Teleseminars.

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I am offering drop-in, no-set-fee executive coaching teleseminars every two or three weeks. Dial in and you will get powerful coaching and useful insights in a convenient, no-obligation, location-independent telephone format. Join the announcements list or just explore the details by clicking here.

Tony Mayo on Who Gets a Coach &

If you have thought about getting a coach, I suggest you start by clicking here to watch my eight minute video. I cover the most common questions of potential clients.

Let me know how this material impacts your life by replying to this email or posting a comment to my blog. I also invite you to forward this email to business people you respect and want to help.

Best wishes,
Tony Mayo

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