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I Click to see larger imagehave been repeatedly surprised to hear from many of my CEO executive coaching clients that, of all the many skills needed for the top job, one area where they often readily admit weakness is in financial insight. They rely on their accountants or a "numbers geek" to watch and even interpret company results. A fundamental reason for this blind spot is, I believe, that so many CEOs are highly visual, intuitive thinkers. Rows of precise digits are not their preferred form of communication. It is essential, therefore, to display financial and quantitative data visually to have it used and absorbed by these executives.

A second flaw in most of the financial data given to CEOs is its snapshot, isolated nature. People get to the top because of their vision over significant time periods. They use knowledge of the past to project into and create the future. Static, point-in-time measures are lifeless and nearly useless for them. These people need to see trends and changes over time. The easiest way to do this is with a tool almost everyone already has:... Read the rest by clicking here. »

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