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Some people hate to talk to mechanics. Most people don't know what their doctor told them. No one likes reading the fine print. Computer departments often find it difficult to get support from the business side. The operations people find it impossible to get the technical people to listen. Jargon used with the wrong audience is a big part of the problem.

People want to be included but using jargon cuts both ways. If everyone in a conversation knows the jargon, everyone feels included. Everyone is "in." The person who does not know the jargon is "out."

Consider a sales call on a doctor's office. The salesperson begins to talk about VoIP, SAAS, and generational back-ups. How would the office manager feel if he were a computer expert? Respected, included, and comfortable. How would the novice feel? Disrespected, incompetent, and uncomfortable, perhaps? The typical reaction of a person feeling that way is to "get even" or "get out." His medical terminology is likely to get more abundant and his time is likely to get scarce. None of us want to spend more time than necessary with people who make us uncomfortable. This salesperson is likely to find herself in,... Read the rest by clicking here. »

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