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Charles Lindbergh Many companies and organizations are dealing with multiple changes right now to adapt to the huge shifts in our economy: layoffs, salary reductions and freezes, office closings, budget cuts, etc. My CEO executive coaching clients are making painful decisions, managing personal stress, communicating more often with employees, customers, and suppliers. All of that is useful and important.

I also find it useful to remind managers that change is not quick or easy for companies.

Leaders, especially the most dynamic, creative, and  entrepreneurial, must keep in mind that stability is in the nature of organizations. That's why we call them organizations, rather than alterizations or adaptizations. People, especially in groups, need a lot of support to change. I appreciate the example of Charles Lindbergh's experience re-training pilots to fly further over the Pacific in WWII.

Imagine this scenario. After becoming the world's biggest celebrity by flying alone across the Atlantic, you are engaged in a life or death struggle for the survival of your country. Key to the war strategy is flying long distances over water. These long flights are so important that pilots sometimes depart knowing they will not have enough fuel to return, that their only hope of survival was,... Read the rest by clicking here. »

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