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Dear Reader,

Tony Mayo Courage Sermon front coverScientific evidence and personal experience tell us that sincere, engaging personal relationships are essential for health and happiness. Yet, little is said about how we might actively nurture such relationships for ourselves and for people near us at home and work.

I recently delivered a non-sectarian, non-doctrinal "sermon" to one of my most treasured communities, the Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston. My intention was to encourage everyone to take action that deepens and broadens our relationships, to foster community as a sanctuary and solace. It was very well received.

Comments from Listeners

“Thank you, Tony, for such a wonderful message this morning.  It was so uplifting and, based on feedback, provided many with a transformational experience.”

“Tony, one of the things I valued most about your sermon is that so few words were wasted. You did not speak just to fill the time; each sentence added to the whole.”

“Tony, I have it on good authority that your sermon this last Sunday was about the best ever."

“What you shared and how you shared it was inspiring. Thank you.”

A revised and expanded version of the talk is now available as a 99¢ eBook on Amazon Kindle and an inexpensive audio book on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. You can hear a sample on any of those sites. Hard bound and paperback versions will be available soon.

The Courage to be in Community: A Unitarian Universalist Sermon

Tony Mayo

The word courage originally meant "to speak and act from the heart," or cour in Latin. Courage is required to express our deepest and most authentic selves because we so often fear judgment, rejection and exclusion. How do we balance the universal human needs of authenticity and acceptance in our personal lives? How might we foster communities where others have the courage to be truly themselves with us?

Executive Coach Tony Mayo drew on the research of Brené Brown, Joseph Campbell, and others to compose this enthusiastically received non-sectarian sermon.  Originally delivered to the Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston at their Sunday services on January 26, 2014, it has now has been revised and expanded for publication.

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Tony Mayo

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