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Top Executive Coaching with Tony Mayo

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Trust is increasingly recognized as an essential element of successful personal relationships, effective teamwork, and large-scale commercial relationships. The amount citizens of one country trust the residents of another has even been shown to correlate with the amount of trade between the countries.

Evaluating the level of trust in a relationship is an often evaded and sometimes sensitive task. My work coaching top executives and facilitating work groups has taught me that the "trust topic" is much easier to discuss once we realize that trust has at least five constitutive components. Examining each aspect of trust, one by one, leads us to better judgments and more fruitful conversations.

  1. Sincerity
  2. Capacity
  3. Competence
  4. Consistency
  5. Care

When we say that we trust or mistrust a person it means that we have evaluated their:

1. Sincerity -- Does what the person says match their internal conversation? Are they telling us what they honestly believe and truly intend? Once a person establishes a reputation for lying, for distorting the facts, and evading reality trust is lost and the relationship becomes unproductive.

2. Capacity -- Does the person have the time, funds, influence, authority, or other required resources to deliver on what they are promising? The person may sincerely promise to get the report done by Friday but she may have made too many other,...Read the rest by clicking here. »


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