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Fiction, like religion, takes us to a strange world to which we nevertheless feel a connection. — Herman Melville

To enter another person's world, to see things as they see them, to allow for different reactions to similar circumstances is to connect with people in a powerful way. Such empathy, compassion, and insight are essential for succeeding as a leader, salesperson, or an executive coach and to living a fulfilling life.
Reading the stories of people in circumstances different from your own is entertaining exercise that develops this important skill. Good novels offer intimate and immersive experiences of worlds most business people never encounter, yet the practice they offer with escaping our own narrow versions of reality can help us to be more... Read the rest by clicking here. »



Tony Mayo on Who Gets a Coach & Why
If you have thought about getting a coach, I suggest you start by clicking here to watch my eight minute video. I cover the most common questions of potential clients.
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