Tangible Recognition of Company Values

Tangible Recognition of Company Values



The telephone and Internet were still not connected three days after moving our office. I had spent way too much time on hold and hearing excuses from Verizon. I needed to get free of their bureaucracy to focus on running my business. So I called in the Marines. Actually just one former Marine, a recently retired Colonel. For some jobs one Marine is plenty.

“Chet,” I said, “I know you are an executive here and you have plenty to do. So do I. We need telecomm restored ASAP. Do what you can. Okay?”

“Sure, boss.” Chet replied, “Whatever it takes.”

I was a little concerned by the martial fire in his eyes when he said, “Whatever it takes,” but I was determined

to get the business back online and myself focused on other tasks.

“Right,” I said, “Get it done.”

When I walked into the office the next morning (more…)