Coaching Business Owners to Go Deep into Their Purpose • PODCAST

Coaching Business Owners to Go Deep into Their Purpose • PODCAST

Click here to listen as Matt and Dan speak with Tony on the SPRH podcast about how you can go deep into your purpose for your small business.

Tony shares practical tips to help business owners to run a larger, more lucrative business with less stress & overwhelm.

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VIDEO: Aging with acceptance and optimism

VIDEO: Aging with acceptance and optimism




Video Transcript by Machine for the sake of the search engines:

hello today is my birthday and of course  that’s not unexpected it’s done  scheduled it’s known it’s been coming  for quite a while and last few weeks  I’ve certainly thought about it more  than once the implications of reaching  this advanced age and I’ll admit my  attitude toward it was pretty well  reflected by the change in the seasons  as the day is that shorter darker damper  the leaves turned and fell from the  trees I was thinking about maybe I  should move into sort of an elder role  back off from some goals not expect  quite so much out of life and just turn  into an old man but I happened to hear  an interview with the actor Michael  Caine and he mentioned that at his 62nd  birthday which is the age on that right  now  he’s seriously considered giving up his  acting career because he wasn’t getting  the roles as the romantic lead anymore  they wanted him to be the secondary  character actor and he didn’t want to do  that but his good friend Jack Nicholson  talked him into taking one of those  roles and now that he’s 85 years old  he has continued to make a movie or  three every year including what Michael  Caine considers some of his best work  more important closer to home my good  friend Ralph Lee Smith who was a great  musician and the world’s foremost expert  on dulcimers he was in Greenwich Village  you know with the Beat Generation and  got to know Bob Dylan and Joan Baez he  had his 92nd birthday this week 92 he’s  30 years older than I am  30 years that’s a lot of life in the  past 30 years I I met married and raised  three fine adults with my beloved wife  Christine it may be just as many more  adventures successes disappointments  ideas I mean who knows what’s gonna  happen in the next 30 years  maybe I’ll get those and you know maybe  I won’t maybe I’ve just got today  like everyone we’ve only got today a  long string of “nows” now to appreciate  where we are what we’ve got and what  might be next to anticipate contemplate  and that’s what happens on my birthday  when I get a greeting from a good friend  like you who reminds me that I matter to  other people and that those other people  matter so much to me so your birthday  greeting makes a big difference to me  thanks for reaching out and reminding me  that what really matters is our impact  on other people and the impact of other  people on us I appreciate you and thanks  for reminding me of how much you  appreciate me happy birthday to us all  so long


Misunderstanding the Purpose of Corporations


If you took a business or economics course in the past quarter-century, you were probably taught that the sole purpose of a corporation is to return cash to its shareholders. This widely accepted and seldom challenged idea is a dangerous innovation from the 1960s that radically departs from the centuries-long social contract under which corporations were invented, created, and proliferated. This relatively recent change is responsible for many harmful corporate decisions and disastrous government policies. It is well past time voters and shareholders got our corporations back on their more beneficial and benevolent track.

I could lay out all the historical details and legal arguments here, but I’ve already made the case in a much more accessible and entertaining form. Chapter eight of my first novel, Crimes of Cunning, covers it thoroughly. To help inform the public, I am making that chapter available for free, right here.

Click here to download the .pdf of Chapter 8,
An Indefensible Position.
No registration, no obligation.
Just read, understand, and take action.

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Executive Coach Provides Direct, Respectful and Practical Feedback


Tony is a straight-forward professional. His feedback is direct, respectful and practical. His coaching style is goal-oriented. Time spent with Tony is useful and energetic. He has his own style of humor which makes it pleasurable to deal with topics which might otherwise be less fun. A true professional with vision and passion!

Koen Heesakkers
Keynote Speaker | Motivator | Inspirator | Author
Trainer on Sales, Sales Top Performer and Authenticity
Improve Training & Coaching


Speaker Will Motivate You to Take Action in Your Business and Life


I’ve been following Tony’s work for about a decade and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him keynote a few events. As a speaker, Tony comes prepared as THE subject matter expert. He engages his audiences with a nice balance of wisdom and humor. He makes you think and — more importantly — he makes you want to take action in your life and business. Tony does not disappoint!

Steve Dorfman
Customer Experience Consulting|Speaking|Training
Driven To Excel, Inc.


Insightful, No-Nonsense, Practical Sales Help


Tony Mayo provides insightful, no-nonsense, practical approaches to handling that dreaded s-word: sales. He is generous in his teachings, giving you the common sense language to use so you don’t feel icky selling your services, and then backs it up with free pdfs to serve as reminders when you’re out there on your own about to pick up the phone. He is the master of teaching how to use curiosity and clarity to qualify clients, set fees, and get the sale. If you’re looking for practical sales tips, hire Tony to speak or consult or both. It’s an investment in you and your company that keeps on paying you back.

Jen Singer
Writer | Book and Speech Coach | Speaker at MommaSaid, LLC
Jen Singer


Executive Coach Breaks Down Concepts Into Actionable Steps That You Can Remember, Implement and Repeat


Tony is an exceptional speaker and an insightful business coach.

As as speaker he brings his unique brand of energy and humor to connect each audience member and lead them to their own “ah-HA” moment. He breaks down concepts into actionable steps that you can remember, implement and repeat. When Tony is speaking time seems to fly. He leaves audiences with practical motivation and wanting more. If you want a speaker to help your audience reach new heights, then you need to ‘add Mayo’.

Tony earned the right to coach by actually doing what he teaches – for a long time. He draws on a lifetime of experience in sales and business growth to help CEOs reach their full leadership potential. He has a knack for helping you see the truth about your business (even if it is uncomfortable) and then asking just the right questions at just the right time to lead you where you need to go as a leader. And then he provides the tools and structure to make the vision a reality. If you want real advice from someone who has been there, and done that, then you need to talk with Tony.

Douglas S. Brown
Chief Operating Officer
Michaels Jewelers


049 Powerful Requests • PODCAST

Today’s podcast, “Powerful Requests” is the audio from a webinar presented by Tony Mayo, The Business Owner’s Executive Coach. Listen to this recording and then join us for Tuesdays with Tony at Twelve, a weekly, free webinar where you can explore powerful executive coaching tools and ask Tony about applying them in your life and career.

Tony presents his model for, perhaps, the most important type of business conversation, the request. Much of what you accomplish, much of what people reward you for, much of the structure of our days can be understood as a complex network of requests and promises.

By thoroughly understanding and applying the three components of a Powerful Request, you can get more done while burnishing your reputation as a reliable colleague, supplier, or employee.

Video, handouts, and other resources from this and other webinars are available for free at:


Executive Coach Has a Discerning Sense of Deep Listening that Helps You Unfold and Unpack What You Are Hoping to Convey


Tony Mayo has that special way of observing, reflecting and then give you feed-back in a way that makes you see the world, your speech and your concept, in a different way. With a keen eye and discerning sense of deep listening he gets to the core and helps you unfold and unpack what you are hoping to convey. When developing a new speech and working on your performance, you want Tony on your team, to help you be the best you can be.
He is also both funny and kind in that dry, sincere way that only a person of deep compassion can bring to a coaching session. I can highly recommend that you work with Tony Mayo.

Jeanette Bronée
Healthy WorkCulture Consultant | Executive Health Coach | Author
Path for Life Inc.