How do I select the right executive coach?

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The right executive coach for you must be a person you are willing to respect & trust.

Trust is necessary to speak honestly about your strengths & goals, fears & failures.

Respect is needed to hear and act upon the insights & plans you create with your coach.

Tony Mayo’s clients—executives who lead established, growing businesses—tend to be smart, action-oriented, industry experts.

They require a coach who knows first-hand what it is like to risk his own money, who has made a business out of nothing but grit and persistence, and taken personal responsibility for the incomes of employees’ families.

Gold Dollar by Tony Mayo
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Tony Mayo combines lessons learned from years of starting and running businesses with formal business training at the #1 ranked MBA school. He brings this experience to clients with techniques honed during his decades of coaching executives.

He is forceful and intelligent enough to be listened to by physicians, PhDs, retired generals, self-made millionaires, and even you.


Tony has the rare gift of being able to incite others to take actions they have only dreamed of taking. I not only value his opinion but rely on it for important personal and business decisions.

Tony’s executive coaching has been the most valuable professional support I’ve ever received.

Marcia Call

Founder, Talent Front

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