What kinds of people does Tony coach?

General managers with profit & loss responsibility plus hire & fire authority.

Owner-operators of mid-market businesses.

Executives who run their organizations with and through a team of managers.

Tony’s clients are leaders with the budget and influence to take action on a scale that impacts a significant number of people.

The best coaching clients are eager to design and implement a breakthrough project that will create, in 6 to 12 months, a result so satisfying it seems almost impossible.

Chrysler Building from Grand Central Terminal

Early in his work coaching business owners, Tony noticed a pattern. Each of his clients had one or two exceptional strengths that brought them to the top: charisma, intellect, energy, etc. By the time he or she came for coaching, however, that strength had taken the executive as far as it could go; it was simply not possible to perform the same trick faster or for more hours.

To get to the next level of achievement or satisfaction these successful people needed to develop new ways of operating. With expert coaching the charismatic leader became a better administrator; the analytic brain learned to make quick, clear decisions with incomplete data; the industry expert created a team of effective managers.

The job of an executive coach is to help clients see new possibilities and transform themselves to move forward, onward, and upward, not with greater effort but through deeper insight.



The amount of work I delegate today is far greater than ever.
Leaving my people alone has resulted in key increases in our business.

Leo Tucker

Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual

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