Are you ready for an executive coach?


You have run out of hours in the day. You need to do something different to grow.


You are, “lonely at the top,” because no one else understands what it is like to run a business.

You admit that, after all is said and done, too much more is said than done.

You are frustrated with past efforts to make your company more efficient, agile, profitable, or just plain enjoyable.

The same issues and problems keep coming up. You sense, “There has to be a better way than reliving Groundhog’s Day.”


You need more of those rare employees who care enough to take initiative, be creative, and do a thorough job.



You are ready to speak frankly with a confidential advisor about what is actually going on.

You are willing to take action on some new ideas.

Especially when…

You feel like you do not have the time to meet with an executive coach.

That’s called, “Too sick to see the doctor.”


Or, if your excuse is…

“I will start coaching right after…” resolving this project, crisis, deadline, RFP, relocation, refinancing, etc., etc., etc. … Thinking you need to tough it out on your own means you need coaching now.


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