What is executive coaching?

Making Steps

Coaching is a series of rigorous conversations that enables clients to uncover what is deepest in their minds and closest to their hearts. This clarity and motivation helps clients take bold and effective action that causes breakthrough results beyond what might have been expected or predicted.

Each coaching session includes a frank look at results, planning and practice of next steps, and accountability for activity and outcomes.

Executive coaching exponentially expands the client’s impact and promotes significant, measurable organization-wide shifts that improve the lives of employees, families, and customers.

Coaching is not psychotherapy, “How To” tips and techniques, or a way to subcontract for deliverables.

Executive coaching guides you to use your knowledge and experience more effectively to make better things happen faster – with ease and grace instead of effort and grit.

Lone Leaf

Tony seems to draw out from me my own best thinking and helps me see what is best for myself.

I don’t get that anywhere else.

Nancy Belmont

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