I am not a consultant. I do not create documents or deliverables.

I do not parachute in to do the job of my client or of their employees.

I do not press my advice on clients or try to make their decisions. (Click to read how a client describes being coached by Tony Mayo,)

I do not fix or cure people. I’m not a psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist. (Read more on the distinction between executive coaching and therapy by clicking here.)

I am not an entertainer. My goal is not to have my audience enjoy my presentations, feel more comfortable or pleased with themselves, laugh at my jokes, or like me. I am only interested in coaching people toward causing lives they love.

Results matter. If what I do makes no difference I have failed.

I’m out to make people’s lives satisfying and fulfilling, to help them matter and have positive impact. I foster workplaces of humanity and prosperity by coaching the leaders of organizations.

I am an executive coach.