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I use this blog to collect and make available some of my articles, insights, and guidance for the top executives I coach. My clients can easily find my best advice on goal setting, running meetings, stress reduction, and other topics important to anyone running a business. You can even learn how–and why–to meditate. I have videos, instructions, posters, and research results on this blog and a podcast on iTunes.

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Attention Must Be Paid

Death of A Salesman The COVID pandemic has forced many of us to migrate even more of our lives online. Much of our world is now viewed through the keyhole of a screen, constricted to two dimensions; restricted to where the camera aims and what the text claims. We’re losing touch, texture, and context. The absence of familiar social cues defeats our usual attempts at attention and discretion, leaving us in thrall to well-financed and algorithmically-tuned manipulation of our fascination.

This insight is not original to me. On the contrary, this insight was not acceptable to me.

In 1997, when I read, A radical theory of value, in Wired, I thought Professor Goldhaber was nuts or grasping for a headline with another The Internet changes everything! hyperbole. The shocking subtitle was meant literally, The currency of the New Economy won’t be money, but attention. I was skeptical. Sure, every child is exhorted to, “Pay attention!” But that was a “just” metaphor. I had not noticed anyone collecting money for the attention “paid.”

Now, I see his prediction manifested globally. How else to explain the (more…)

COVID-19 Pandemic is Not Easing. It is Expanding

☣   ☣   ☣

RhinoVirus with N95 mask C15a

I first shared this on October 22, 2020, more than three months ago. I wish I had not been right but here we are, with dangerous new versions of COVID-19 spreading from Brazil, South Africa, and the UK to that guy next to you in line.

Stay Home If You Can.
Wear a Mask!

This isn’t the end of the pandemic. I am not even convinced we have reached the end of the beginning.

COVID-19 is an RNA virus, like the common cold. RNA viruses mutate frequently. That’s why (more…)

Video Streaming for Speakers, Trainers, & Coaches V02

I’ve been “upping my game” on video streaming to cope with the new market conditions created by the pandemic. I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned here and on my social media.

Here’s my first instructional live stream. Right below is an equipment list. To keep up with my newest demos and How-Tos, subscribe to my social media or newsletter here.

These are affiliate links that do not affect the price you pay though I do earn a small commission


Black Magic Design ATEM  Mini Pro
Blue® Yeti
Blue® Yeti Pro
Elgato Stream Deck
Elgato Stream Deck XL
Logitech Camera C922
Logitech Camera C930e
Sennheiser headset
Shure PGX4 Wireless Lavalier
Vidpro XM-L Lavalier
Yamaha MG10XU
Zhiyun Smooth 4  Gimbal


OBS Studio

V-B Audio VoiceMeeter

BitFocus Companion

USB Device Tree Viewer


Executive Coaching for Subordinates

Are you a business owner thinking about whether coaching might improve the performance of your COO or another key executive?  My answer is, “Yes,” in most cases, but only if the CEO is being coached. I’ve learned the hard way over the years that I can have a major, enduring impact with a COO or other direct report only when I am also coaching the CEO. I believe this is generally the case with true executive coaches.1

Any growth or development on the part of a subordinate that is not shared by the boss is likely to have two unwanted effects. First, the boss’s unchanged behavior will undermine and thwart the direct report’s new behavior. Second, the developing key executive will either abandon the changes or judge the boss to be the bigger problem and leave. As one blunt coach said to a prospect, “If I fix your VP without you moving in the same direction, you will become the problem.”

If your COO needs only “management training” there are plenty of less costly ways to get it. Start with the basic books, for example, Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People, Ken Blanchard’s One Minute Manager, almost anything by Peter Drucker, starting with Management, and the classic by Bill Oncken Who’s Got the Monkey? (free download)

Stay away from inspiring stores of genius leaders such as Steve Jobs, Harold Geneen, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, etc. They are unique, lucky, and extraordinarily difficult to work with. They certainly were not copying anyone. Anyone attempting to copy them is likely to cause disasters both financial and personal.

These recommendations for management training, as with executive coaching, require the ultimate leader and influencer (you, the CEO/Owner) to learn and practice the same techniques.


1 I say true executive coaches because, these days, every consultant, trainer, and even many salespeople now call themselves coaches. That’s a topic for another post.

Physical Distancing is Not a Guarantee ☣ SARS-Cov-2:

Physical Distancing is Not a Guarantee ☣ SARS-Cov-2:

☣   ☣   ☣

WHO & CDC recommendations for physical distancing A/K/A social distancing do not fully protect bystanders from a sneezing person who carries a viral infection, presumably including SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Stay home!

☣   ☣   ☣

JAMA Insights
March 26, 2020
Turbulent Gas Clouds and Respiratory Pathogen Emissions
Potential Implications for Reducing Transmission of COVID-19

☣   ☣   ☣


Good luck, get plenty of sleep, & WASH YOUR HANDS!

Get more SARS-CoV-2 info for your business on this blog by clicking here.


COVID Sufferers Are Not Like Me…I Hope!

COVID Sufferers Are Not Like Me…I Hope!

☣   ☣   ☣

You are NOT different.

You CAN make a difference.

To be human is to wonder, “Why?” We are addicted to cause and effect, to explanations and understanding, to discovering sequences of events, to bolstering our illusions of control.

    • Control of our thoughts.
    • Control of our bodies.
    • Control of our diseases.

For as long as I can remember, everyone greeted news of (more…)

☣SARS-Cov-2: HR Best Practices & Tips for a Pandemic

☣SARS-Cov-2: HR Best Practices & Tips for a Pandemic

☣   ☣   ☣

I recommend this excellent, free webinar, Would Your Business Survive a Coronavirus Outbreak? Watch and listen to the 47-minute video by clicking here. Yes, it has 1.5 and double speed options. A condensed PDF of her slides is here: No fee, no registration.

One key slide is:

COVID-19 Webinar HR Right Now slide

One key takeaway: Check to see if (more…)

☣COVID-19 Safety Posters

COVID-19: Don’t Panic & Don’t Be Passive ☣ Prepare Your Business Now

☣   ☣   ☣

What you need most right now and for the coming weeks isn’t alcohol wipes or N-95 masks. It is reliable information. The difficulties of obtaining it are examined thoroughly and frightfully here, in a broadcast from WNYC, On the Media | Covering a Pandemic: Epidemic Voyeurs No More

My top 3 recommendations.

#1: Rely on information directly from scientists and medical specialists.
Here are reliable sources:

☣   ☣   ☣

#2: Get Ready NOW! (more…)