Executive Coach Provides Creative Solutions


Tony is my executive coach. Tony is an accomplished business expert and is always full of creative ideas. He is a true listener and can help you to come up with solutions that you never thought possible.

He is a true giver and would go out of his way to help people to get results from what they are doing. I would certainly recommend him if you want to improve your leadership skills and run your business more efficiently.

Esmael Dinan
Founder and CEO


Executive Coach Provides Direct, Respectful and Practical Feedback


Tony is a straight-forward professional. His feedback is direct, respectful and practical. His coaching style is goal-oriented. Time spent with Tony is useful and energetic. He has his own style of humor which makes it pleasurable to deal with topics which might otherwise be less fun. A true professional with vision and passion!

Koen Heesakkers
Keynote Speaker | Motivator | Inspirator | Author
Trainer on Sales, Sales Top Performer and Authenticity
Improve Training & Coaching


Speaker Will Motivate You to Take Action in Your Business and Life


I’ve been following Tony’s work for about a decade and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him keynote a few events. As a speaker, Tony comes prepared as THE subject matter expert. He engages his audiences with a nice balance of wisdom and humor. He makes you think and — more importantly — he makes you want to take action in your life and business. Tony does not disappoint!

Steve Dorfman
Customer Experience Consulting|Speaking|Training
Driven To Excel, Inc.


Insightful, No-Nonsense, Practical Sales Help


Tony Mayo provides insightful, no-nonsense, practical approaches to handling that dreaded s-word: sales. He is generous in his teachings, giving you the common sense language to use so you don’t feel icky selling your services, and then backs it up with free pdfs to serve as reminders when you’re out there on your own about to pick up the phone. He is the master of teaching how to use curiosity and clarity to qualify clients, set fees, and get the sale. If you’re looking for practical sales tips, hire Tony to speak or consult or both. It’s an investment in you and your company that keeps on paying you back.

Jen Singer
Writer | Book and Speech Coach | Speaker at MommaSaid, LLC
Jen Singer


Executive Coach Breaks Down Concepts Into Actionable Steps That You Can Remember, Implement and Repeat


Tony is an exceptional speaker and an insightful business coach.

As as speaker he brings his unique brand of energy and humor to connect each audience member and lead them to their own “ah-HA” moment. He breaks down concepts into actionable steps that you can remember, implement and repeat. When Tony is speaking time seems to fly. He leaves audiences with practical motivation and wanting more. If you want a speaker to help your audience reach new heights, then you need to ‘add Mayo’.

Tony earned the right to coach by actually doing what he teaches – for a long time. He draws on a lifetime of experience in sales and business growth to help CEOs reach their full leadership potential. He has a knack for helping you see the truth about your business (even if it is uncomfortable) and then asking just the right questions at just the right time to lead you where you need to go as a leader. And then he provides the tools and structure to make the vision a reality. If you want real advice from someone who has been there, and done that, then you need to talk with Tony.

Douglas S. Brown
Chief Operating Officer
Michaels Jewelers


Executive Coach Has a Discerning Sense of Deep Listening that Helps You Unfold and Unpack What You Are Hoping to Convey


Tony Mayo has that special way of observing, reflecting and then give you feed-back in a way that makes you see the world, your speech and your concept, in a different way. With a keen eye and discerning sense of deep listening he gets to the core and helps you unfold and unpack what you are hoping to convey. When developing a new speech and working on your performance, you want Tony on your team, to help you be the best you can be.
He is also both funny and kind in that dry, sincere way that only a person of deep compassion can bring to a coaching session. I can highly recommend that you work with Tony Mayo.

Jeanette Bronée
Healthy WorkCulture Consultant | Executive Health Coach | Author
Path for Life Inc.



Executive Coach Quickly Shifts Client’s Thinking and Compels Supportive Action


I had the pleasure of meeting Tony in the Heroic Public Speaking community. In his senior role as a Teaching Fellow, I experienced the incredible depth of his skill as a speaker, mentor, and coach.

Since then I’ve had the chance to learn more about his work. His skills as an executive coach to business owners are beyond compare. Tony has the ability to quickly make a point, shift someone’s thinking, or compel them to action. Add to this his sales expertise, and you have someone who’s potent ally. You’d be remiss if you fail to hire him!

Scott Wintrip
Keynote Speaker | Author | Strategist and Advisor

Wintrip Consulting Group


Executive Coach Carefully Takes Complex Concepts and Simplifies Them


Tony is one of the most experienced teachers and speakers I know. He carefully takes complex concepts and simplifies them for his customers making them operational and real. He is also well known for his humor and easy going attitude. Through those strengths, conversations with Tony are easy and genuine which lead to very insightful questions and answers that I know has helped many businesses. If you are in need of a business coach or a professional speaker be sure to reach out to Tony, you won’t be disappointed!

John Harrison
Chief Cyber Security Architect
Criterion Systems


Executive Coach Helps Brand Consultant See a New Perspective


Tony listens with patience and understanding in order to offer his guidance and advice clearly. He helped me through a situation I had where a fast decision had to be made in my business. He asked the right questions and he got down to the core issue I was facing. Through our conversation, I was able to see a new perspective and feel confident in the decision.

Tony impressed me with how fast he knew exactly where I was and what I needed to hear to get me past it. His mentorship and coaching would be a significant benefit to any executive or business owner.

Chloe DiVita
Public Speaker | Performance Coach
Digital Marketing Strategist | Brand Consultant
Perceptive Presence


Executive Coach Provides Insights on Courage

Executive Coach Provides Insights on Courage

Tony was FABULOUS. What a great presentation last week. I’ve gotten multiple requests for the recording and will it send out today to registrants. [Click here to view the video. –Editor]

I was also asked about his books and other materials, so I also sent the Amazon links to The Courage to be in Community: A Call for Compassion, Vulnerability and Authenticity and Crimes of Cunning: A Comedy of Personal and Political Transformation in the Deteriorating Contemporary Workplace. Many thanks again to Tony for his time and expertise.

Lucie Sandel
Senior Associate Director
Alumni Engagement at Northwestern University