Tony is an exceptional speaker and an insightful business coach.

As as speaker he brings his unique brand of energy and humor to connect each audience member and lead them to their own “ah-HA” moment. He breaks down concepts into actionable steps that you can remember, implement and repeat. When Tony is speaking time seems to fly. He leaves audiences with practical motivation and wanting more. If you want a speaker to help your audience reach new heights, then you need to ‘add Mayo’.

Tony earned the right to coach by actually doing what he teaches – for a long time. He draws on a lifetime of experience in sales and business growth to help CEOs reach their full leadership potential. He has a knack for helping you see the truth about your business (even if it is uncomfortable) and then asking just the right questions at just the right time to lead you where you need to go as a leader. And then he provides the tools and structure to make the vision a reality. If you want real advice from someone who has been there, and done that, then you need to talk with Tony.

Douglas S. Brown
Chief Operating Officer
Michaels Jewelers