CEO Executive Coaching Fees

Conference Board executive coaching fee report

The Conference Board has published an update to its survey of executive coaching fees. According to the survey, “the most commonly stated fee [for executive coaching of CEOs and their direct reports] is greater than $500 per hour. I found this a bit odd, not because of the price level but because the top executive coaches I know do not charge by the hour but for a term of service. This was confirmed later in the Conference Board report.

Executive coaching engagements are typically six months or one year in duration, according to the survey, and fees range from $13,000 to $30,000 for six months.

My experience is consistent with those figures.

Readers may also find it interesting that executive coaching is common and growing not just in the US but in Europe and Asia. Rates are the same in Europe as in the US and have risen significantly around the world.

Click here for the complete Conference Board 2008 Executive Coaching Fee Survey.

The Conference Board has released its 2010 report. See my comments here.