Executive Coach Helps Individuals Reach a Common Goal



In addition to Mr. Mayo’s coaching credentials, he is an excellent facilitator who can help high profile stakeholders meld their individual interests into a common goal.

In our consultation, he drove us to reach a consensus regarding the best uses of available resources as those funding resources were being lost.

Don Lockett
Senior Director, Media Technologies
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting



Great Results with Expert, Creative Career Coach



Dr. Valerie ArmsteadTony Mayo is the executive’s career coach. His expertise, professionalism, and RESULTS are impressive. My experience in evaluating career goals, strategy and navigation through the waters of change, with Tony’s coaching, have landed me my dream situation.

When one is challenged with questions regarding trust, motivation, advice, and crisis management, Tony will provide honest, impartial assistance to help you make the right decisions with the BIG picture in mind.

I give Tony the highest, unreserved, recommendation as a career coach for individuals or companies.

Dr. Valerie Armstead
Professor of Anesthesiology
St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center



Executive Coach Understands Human Dynamics

HealogixI would recommend Tony Mayo to anyone interested in being more effective professionally. What Tony does seems simple. It’s not.

He is adroit and efficient at understanding the dynamics of how we interact with one another and what does and doesn’t work. He asks great questions and helps you formulate goals and plans that have impact.

He really is genuine and that makes him very effective.


Tim O’Rourke
CRO at Healogix

Expertise, Experience, & Confidence

Rob Daly of 5AM SolutionsTony was referred to us from a trusted and respected friend and business owner, Bill Becker, of BDI USA. Before we even engaged formally with Tony, it was clear that he was going to bring expertise, experience, and confidence to the 5AM executive team. Having now worked with the team over a few months, his impact is already visible, the team is gelling, and the overall sense of empowerment and focus is evident.

If your team has a lot of raw potential, but you know they can be guided to do more, your investment in Tony will bring you great returns.

–Rob Daly, Chairman
5AM Solutions

Results of Executive Coaching

V.S.O.P participantI felt more productive.

I was seeing results.

I realized how important it was to connect with your spirit in doing the things you do. Life is not just all details and logistics. You have to know why you’re doing things and understand that there are other people involved. You can’t get it from just going through the motions everyday. There’s the whole spiritual thing that some of the V.S.O.P. exercises made me realize, along with some of the things that Tony says. He doesn’t talk about it a lot, but that was one of the many things I took away.

It’s really amazing that such a short period of time could do so much and be so positive.

–Ann Lohmann
High Tech Executive on
Tony Mayo’s executive coaching program
Genuine Success: V.S.O.P. in 1997


Tony’s contribution to my growth

I recently had the privilege of providing executive coaching to a dynamic global entrepreneur selected by the TED Foundation for one of their distinguished fellowships. He shares, below, some of his experience with my executive coaching.

TED Fellow Sandeep SoodTony combines entrepreneurial advice and Eastern wisdom to deliver a holistic coaching experience. He is a keen listener; often, I would begin a session talking about my weekend or some other topic that felt like small talk–and I would be stunned by Tony’s ability to draw out patterns and lessons from the tiniest details of my life.

Within a few weeks of working with Tony, I accomplished the following:

  1. Committed to a series of improvements in my sales process and marketing strategy, that eventually lead to one million dollars in leads.
  2. Recommitted to a meditation practice, which I have continued.
  3. I was able to see clearly how my personal and work lives were one and the same; that I manifested the same behavior regardless of the situation.

I will always be grateful for Tony’s contribution to my growth; I can think of few ways to start 2010 that would have been more powerful than working with him.

Sandeep Sood, Executive Director
Monsoon Company

Important Business and Personal Decisions

Marcia Call

I have had the privilege of working with Tony as my executive coach for over two years now and highly recommend him.

He exemplifies the term, “coach.” His ability to listen to what others say and are not saying is unmatched. Plus, he has the rare gift of being able to incite others to take actions they have only dreamed of taking. I not only value his opinion but rely on it for important personal and business decisions.

Tony’s executive coaching has been the most valuable professional support I’ve ever received.

Marcia Call
Chief People Officer

More Confident and Focused CEO

Gave up the “Reluctant CEO” role and became more confident and comfortable in my role as CEO. More focused and more confident in running my company. Repositioned our company’s staffing plans and hired a great CFO.

-Public Company CEO
Name withheld