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We are what we do

Karma simply means “action” and is derived from the verbal root kr which mean “to do” or “to make.”

The self is plastic, a malleable clay being molded each moment by intention. Just as our scientists are discovering not only how the mind is shaped by the brain but now, too, how the brain is shaped by the mind, so the Buddha described long ago the interdependent process by which intentions are conditioned by dispositions and dispositions in turn are conditioned by intentions.

–Andrew Olendzki
Karma in Action

human good turns out to be activity

Nicomachean Ethics

The Traveling Pennies Exercise a/k/a Three Coins Method



Traveling Pennies

My executive coaching clients often ask how to translate their new insights into regular practice so that the benefit of the coaching is integrated into their lives. This is crucial since the adult executives I coach have well established and largely successful habits that are expressed automatically.

How do we make new strategies and methods just as habitual? One of my favorite techniques is the traveling pennies.

Is there a practice you and your coach have developed that you want to make a part of your life? Perhaps you choose to center three times per day, express gratitude more often, or ask a clarifying question before responding to an inquiry. Here’s how to “operationalize” your good intentions.

Each morning for the next few weeks place (more…)