The Power of Peer Groups

Brad Feld

…one of the key pieces of advice that I regularly give entrepreneurs is to “join a formal group of your peers that meets regularly and spend deep time with them.”  I don’t mean “industry associations” or “random networking clubs” – I mean things like EO, Vistage, or YPO.

When I was a first time entrepreneur, I often thought “I don’t have time for this.”  Bullshit – I didn’t have time not to do it. And that continues today even after having been involved in hundreds of companies.  Entrepreneurial communities aren’t merely geographic or industry focused – peer groups that build deep, intimate, and long term relationships between the members play a key part in the process of entrepreneurship.

–Brad Feld
Early stage investor and entrepreneur
Technology Review

Closeness Counts




The news item below is a bit technical, so here is the gist:

Every cell in our body is continually sensing and responding to tiny chemical, electrical, and temperature changes created by nearby organisms without physical contact. As a result, cells alter their physical structure in response to the presence of other living things, including reshaping themselves to move toward or away from their neighbors.

A single atom or molecule, without even touching the cell, can move it.

When great big bundles of such cells get close, as in (more…)