Insight into business & technology

Rohit Millstein

As the venture capitalist responsible for developing Hidden Footprints, I was fortunate to find a CEO as capable as Tony. His skill & experience as an entrepreneur combine with raw intelligence to learn enough about the technology to find applications well beyond those originally contemplated.

His insight into business & technology is well informed, incisive, creative and generally invaluable.

Rohit Millstein

Cut Through the Clutter

Raj Khera

Tony has the unique ability to bring out the best in you. In executive coaching sessions, he can articulate thoughts so clearly that you understand yourself and your options better after just a quick conversation.

He is a straight shooter, knows when and how to dig deeper to get to the root of an issue, and stays on top of your goals so you achieve more fulfillment in your own life, personally and professionally. I HIGHLY recommend him.

Tony’s ability to cut through the clutter and get to the heart of an issue very quickly, keeps us on our toes and eager to attend our one-to-one executive executive coaching calls as well as our group meetings. It is what Tony brings to the table – his ability to focus the dialog and bring out the best in the members – that sold me on membership in his CEO coaching group.

Raj Khera, CEO
MailerMailer LLC.