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Hello. I’m Tony Mayo, the Business Owner’s Executive Coach … with one quick idea you can use in your business …today.

To increase your effectiveness as an executive, as a manager, and as a business owner:
Get very clear about …and keep your attention on … your personal core values and the future you’re committed to.

I’ll repeat that. You will be a better leader once you get very clear about …and keep your attention on … your personal core values and the future you are committed to.

People follow a leader who is motivated by a compelling future. Team members are made uncomfortable by a leader who is the victim of events or who devotes his energy to repairing the past.

Instead, use this precious present to set up a fulfilling future.

Develop the discipline to pause and assess each event and design each communication in the light of your commitments and your values.

Learn your triggers, those incidents most likely to push you toward an automatic, familiar reaction (maybe that’s …people exhibiting disrespect, lassitude, sloppiness, or lack of candor) Learn to move your responses into the realm of choice instead of letting them run you. Don’t allow the worst-performing people in your company to determine how you feel, how you speak, or what you decide. Be pulled by your chosen future, not pushed by random events.

Resist the drift of automatic reactions, of allowing unexamined assessments from the past to determine your actions in the present. Instead, make every choice a considered, clear step into your future, the one you designed. That’s leadership.

Because the people who continually work toward the realization of their chosen future, enjoy the satisfaction of living in that future …today.

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