A quick message from The Business Owner’s Executive Coach on the 110 reasons to set goals.


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– Hello, I’m Tony Mayo, the business owner’s executive coach. In a previous video I shared the three most common reasons for not having a written set of up-to-date specific life goals. Today, the other side of the coin. Here, 110 reasons to set goals. Don’t worry I’m not going through that whole list, because it all boils down to one reason. You see, unlike most life hacks and success tips, goal setting has been scientifically proven to work in at least 110 peer reviewed academic studies. In this great slim book to psychologists, Professor Edwin Locke and Doctor Gary Latham
summarize their research. Let me read this for you.

“There have been more than 110 goal setting experiments “conducted in the laboratory and in organizations. 90% of these studies obtained positive results for goal setting. This makes goal setting one of the most dependable and robust techniques in all the motivational literature. A recent study of high low productivity found that goal setting and deadlines were the single most frequently mentioned causes of high productivity.”

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Goal setting just works. Next time, I’ll give you the most practical and powerful guidance gleaned from those studies. Seven specific adjustments that will make your goals much, much more likely to come true. I wish you tremendous luck with your goals and stay tuned, there’s more help on the way.

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Hello, I’m Tony Mayo, the (laughs), ah, I may have reached a limit of my.

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