Holiday Garland




We know it’s just another day
that comes around each year.
But something special happens then
that makes this time so dear.


We smile at others as they pass
a child’s eyes wide with wonder
The wreaths and holly hanging everywhere
might e’en take time to ponder.


The time does come but once a year
bringing happiness and joy.
The season is for giving hope,
a smile, a hug, a toy.


Just take a moment to reflect
on all you have this day.
Just how much love have you to give
to others every day.


It’s not the giving we’ll forget
nor the special things we do.
So give someone a special gift.
The gift of having you.


For you’re the one that is unique
and has that certain glow.
So give the gift of who you are
to someone you don’t know.


Happy Holidays!


Coach Kyle Sutton
Dec. 22, 2004

Holiday Garland