Jake Avancena Acupuncturist

An email from my wife to our acupuncturist, Jake Avancena of Acupuncture Advantage Care in Herndon and Fredericksburg, Virginia.


I recently told a teacher at my kids’ elementary school about you. She asked me to send her your contact info, which I did. But I also told her about our experiences with you. Below is what I sent her. I thought you might appreciate hearing about our successes again. If you would like to include my testimonials on your website, I would be honored. Feel free to edit.

I hope you are well and business is booming!

Kristine Denzau-Mayo



My husband, my oldest son, and I have all been successfully treated by Jake for various problems. My husband had hand pain for 2 years that was so bad that he couldn’t use his hand for anything, including shaking hands, squeezing a binder clip or using a computer mouse. Jake cured him in just 2 visits. That was about 3 years ago and his hand is still fine. He also had fatigue issues that improved, but it took many treatments.

I had 13 years of migraines – on average 3 per week. It took more than a year of various treatments with Jake, but since last summer I’ve only had 1-2 migraines a month! That is a huge improvement in the quality of my life, and money in my pocket. I used to spend $250/month on migraine medicine. Now that $250 lasts me 4-6 months.

My son, Scott, has had chronic ear infections since he was an infant. He’s had 3 ear surgeries in his life. At 11 years old, his eardrum ruptured from a nasty infection. It never quite healed and Scott had ear infections every 4-6 weeks that would usually take 2 rounds of heavy-duty antibiotics to cure. He had surgery when he was 12 ½ years old to repair his eardrum (myringoplasty). About 6 months after the surgery, he got an ear infection. I was quite concerned because I didn’t want his eardrum to rupture again, so I rushed him to the doctor and he was put on antibiotics – again. When he got the infection back a few days after he finished his antibiotics, I took him to Jake. Jake treated him with acupuncture. He told us to expect that the pressure in his ear would subside by the end of the day and that the swollen gland in his neck would be back to normal the next day. I was so skeptical – I was convinced I had wasted my time and money, and I’d have to take him back to the doctor anyway. I couldn’t risk his eardrum rupturing. I was proven wrong in a few hours. The pressure was gone in less than an hour (as we were driving home!) and the gland was back to normal in about 4-5 hours. Scott was completely cured. A few months later Scott complained of ear pain, so I took him to Jake. As it turned out, Scott did not have an inner ear infection, but he had an outer ear infection (swimmer’s ear) which he’s never had in his life. Jake said that this was good because it meant that things were moving around. Jake cured him – Scott was fine a few hours after treatment. Scott has been fine ever since – it’s been about 2 years. I wish I had found this treatment for ear infections years ago. Scott has taken more antibiotics in his life for ear infections that most people take in a lifetime!

I could go on and on with our testimonials, but these are the highlights. My husband has referred Jake to many people and those who go to him have reported improvements and cures.