Click here to listen as Matt and Dan speak with Tony on the SPRH podcast about how you can go deep into your purpose for your small business.

Tony shares practical tips to help business owners to run a larger, more lucrative business with less stress & overwhelm.

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Show Notes:

  • Letting people do their jobs allows you to run a larger, more lucrative business.
  • Stop covering for people and allow them to do their jobs by giving them the resources they need to succeed.
  • Help nurture and grow your people instead of torturing them.
  • To find your purpose, ask yourself “What do you want your life to be for? What fundamentally matters that ties it together for you to feel most satisfied, fulfilled and that you matter?”
  • When you transition from doing the work to helping other people do good work, then you’ve got something.
  • Build the people in your business around your goals and you’ll get great results.
  • Start asking more clarifying questions of your people.