Click here to listen as Gary Wilbers interviews Tony on the podcast, Charge in Business and Life.

Tony shares practical tips to help business owners to run a larger more lucrative business with less stress/overwhelm.

Click the play button and listen to Tony Mayo and Gary Wilbers talk about how you can run your business in a way where you have your best life.

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Show Notes:

  • Business owners are starting to realize that they need someone to talk to and that it is lonely at the top.
  • If you are the one running a business, you typically have to put on a certain face.
  • Some of the business owners say that they can’t be frank with the people at home because they don’t understand the struggles.
  • Tony talked about how he read an article about a successful entrepreneur who was going to marriage counseling with his wife.
    • The counselor asked them each what they wanted most in life.
      • The wife responded with financial stability.
      • The husband said “What do you mean? We are rich!”
      • All she had ever heard were the setbacks and he forgot to tell her the other side of the coin.
  • The habit that has led to his success has been having conversations in real life and not just in your head.
  • Tony believes that habits are so important because sometimes we get into ruts. (Kind of like a creek that goes back to its original path after a big storm.
  • Tony Mayo say that mayo is like executive coaching: Coaching is never the main ingredient but it makes all of the other ingredients better. (Bring in coach Mayo, bring out your best.)
  • He has something called the CEO conversation with a lot of business owners.
    • This is that they could have managers below them but they are too busy getting involved with the business itself.
    • Even if they are only 75-80% as good as you are, with two of them they are as good as you are.
    • Start getting people around you to help be strategic.
    • “Delegate don’t advocate”
  • Everyone is a salesperson
    • We are always selling something.
  • “Business success depends on other people taking action on their goals.”
  • The most powerful way to be good at sales is to ask questions.
  • Switch your mindset to help them do something.
  • It’s not what you say that makes the sales, it’s what you hear. (Ask questions and listen to what they say)
  • If you have the why then you can work to fit their need.
  • A lot of people have issues with objections.
    • You need to stop worrying about their concerns-they have an interest because there is something that matters to them.
    • Probe and ask questions about the concern.
  • You can usually have them sell the product to themselves.
  • Analogies are just the way Tony Mayo thinks.
    • You can take something you know and understand and compare it to something new.
  • You need to incorporate stories into your presentations.
    • Give them something tangible to imagine.
    • Take them somewhere but you have to be there too.
  • Tony is the inventor of two patents:
    • First was during the dot com boom: it assigned a long number to each of them to make it work.
    • Second was a slightly different process of the first.
  • He is the author of two books:
  • To accomplish something that you really want to do, you should dedicate the first hour of every day to that task.
    • For him, this is how he work his books.
  • Take a look at: “The reason that most business owners are so busy is because most of what makes them busy is just making them busier”
  • Set things up in the future so you can have joy in the anticipation of these events.