Ardell FleesonGreetings to any executive or organization considering retaining Tony Mayo as Executive Coach.

Tony coached me for a span of six sessions as a part of his recent accreditation at Newfield Network, and he had such a positive impact on my performance that I retained him for additional paid sessions.


The Challenge


In seven sessions, I have gone from “This is too hard!” to “Of course, I can do this!” due to Tony’s guidance in re-framing my numerous challenges.  Some specifics:

  • I developed a new mental habit which serves me much better.
  • We delved into what suffering is and how we can (and always do!) affect our own outcomes.
  • I understand the source and utility of the voice we all have in our heads.  I know how to channel that voice for good.

Concrete Results

Here’s how Tony changed my daily productivity:


    • We examined in rigorous and granular way all of my options.  Having the facts, and not just the opinions in my head, liberated me to succeed.

Ardell's Letter

  • My mood is positive almost all the time, the worry has been diminished to a much smaller mindshare, and I’m sleeping better at night.
  • My sales receivables have increased, December to mid-February, by 62%.

Let’s Talk Further

Tony has an uncanny sense of who I am; I am confident he has this sense for everyone he works with.  On the phone, I can delve into the intangible aspects of Tony’s work, so please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

All best wishes in your coaching decision,

Ardell Fleeson