What you need most right now and for the coming weeks isn’t alcohol wipes or N-95 masks. It is reliable information. The difficulties of obtaining it are examined thoroughly and frightfully here, in a broadcast from WNYC, On the Media | Covering a Pandemic: Epidemic Voyeurs No More

My top 3 recommendations.

#1: Rely on information directly from scientists and medical specialists.
Here are reliable sources:

#2: Get Ready NOW!

    • Run a thorough rehearsal of your work-from-home infrastructure.
      Don’t assume it will “work out” because some of your people occasionally work from home now. There will be many flaws and oversights that will not become visible, as this tech company found out: Ladders Holds Practice Work-at-Home Day
    • Establish clear communications protocols.
      • How will employees & customers know when your facility is closed?
      • On what basis do employees make a personal decision to stay home? What if my kid’s school closes?
      • What are you doing to reduce infection risk on the job?
    • Make sure every employee has a thermometer. Ask them to start taking their body temperature twice a day to establish a personal baseline. 98.6° is no longer the norm and individuals vary. Stay home if you are 2° above your baseline.

#3: Expect major business disruptions

    • Meetings and conferences will be canceled.
    • Schools will close
    • Purchase decisions will be canceled and delayed.
    • Travel will be avoided.
      • Airlines are already canceling flights.
      • Public transit will be avoided.
      • Traffic will get worse.

Good luck, get plenty of sleep, & WASH YOUR HANDS!

Get more SARS-CoV-2 info for your business on this blog by clicking here.





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