Jonathan FoustIt Comes Down to This


When you are visited by your personal demons – your fears, anxieties, doubts and wounds – can you sit down and have tea with them?

Can you turn your attention toward the demons and explore what you can learn about yourself?

For many reasons, we often can’t. But the intention to investigate that which is between you and feeling free can sometimes result in new possibilities where none previously existed.



The acronym RAIN can be helpful.


R = Recognize or Realize what is happening


A = Accept or Allow your experience to be what it is


I = Investigate or be Intimate with what is here


N = When we can do the above, you may begin to experience a degree of

Non-attachment, Non-judging and Natural awareness



As I mentioned, sometimes we can’t shift unpleasant sensations, emotions or mental conditions easily or quickly.  Over time, with patience, consistency and presence, we begin to feel more confidence that we can be with whatever arises.

Jonathan Foust



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