If your prospects are under age 30, don’t bother with a voice mail. Text, send email, or visit.

Data from uReach Technologies, which operates the voice messaging systems of Verizon Wireless and other cellphone carriers, shows that over 30 percent of voice messages linger unheard for three days or longer and that more than 20 percent of people with messages in their mailboxes “rarely even dial in” to check them …

By contrast, 91 percent of people under 30 respond to text messages within an hour, and they are four times more likely to respond to texts than to voice messages within minutes, according to a 2008 study for Sprint conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation. Even adults 30 and older are twice as likely to respond within minutes to a text than to a voice message, the study found.

For Some, Voice Mail
Is Losing Its Allure

On a similar note, have you noticed how rarely FAX is used these days? That’s another technology obsolete for modern business.