Julia Loughran

I was in a situation where I was going to either buy or sell my half of my company from my business partner. I was introduced to Tony and became a member of the peer advisory group he manages. I got valuable feedback that made me realize that I should buy the company. The group really helped me see my situation in an objective way. Based on this feedback, I bought my company from my business partner and I’ve been very pleased with this decision.

The group, under Tony’s mentorship, has been a great help to me as a business owner. Tony is adept at facilitating groups to get the most out of its participants and he has great business advice to share.

It always amazes me that people with such varied business and personal backgrounds share many of the same issues–and how their experiences and feedback can be instrumental in understanding how I might handle a problem or issue in my business or personal life.

–Julia Loughran
ThoughtLink, Inc.