Ever since 1996, when I published my first website on Erol’s,MayoGenuine.com on Erol's in 1996

I’ve shared with business owners the insights and ideas collected or created in my career as a founder, teacher, and coach. This includes two books, scores of emailed newsletters, hundreds of articles, more than fifty podcasts, and dozens of videos, as well as too many social media posts to bother counting.

Today, after a three-year hiatus, I am re-introducing my opt-in email newsletter.Listing of Newsletter Topics I’ll alert subscribers to my latest offerings and provide links to my most popular resources. You can get a clear idea of what’s coming by sampling past issues with this link to my blog.

Please allow me to help you. Just click here to put your name on my mailing list. I promise never to let anyone else see or use what you share with me. I plan to send new issues about once per month, so I won’t be stuffing your inbox. Plus, there will be a link in every newsletter to opt out permanently if I disappoint you.

You can even help determine the topics I cover and other features of the newsletter. After you subscribe by clicking here, I will send a welcome message with an invitation to complete a six-question survey plus a comment box to share your suggestions with me. {Yes. This is Tony. I’m the one who writes every word I send and reads every word in your reply.}

Thank you for your generous attention. I look forward to coaching you toward even greater success.