Have fun with Executive Coach to CEOs Tony Mayo, of Reston, Virginia, learning a different way to open bananas.

Watch this short video and consider how a good coach can help you find better work strategies and establish new habits.

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Have you ever thought about, analyzed how you open a banana? Neither did I. I grew-up in the US, so I just start a banana the same way I see everyone else doing it.

Grab it by the top and lever it open right? [Demonstrate. Make a mess.]

There are a few … problems with that. [Clean hands. Fresh banana.] First, if you don’t cut the peel with a knife or your nail, you crush the fruit.

Second, who says that is the top?

Bananas grow with the stem down. Originally, this was the top.

Who cares how they grow! The top is where you open it, right? [Pinch it open.] Right!

I’m pretty sure this is a superior way to open a banana. It’s easier. You don’t get gunk under your nails. And you don’t risk pureeing part of the fruit.

Let’s say you agree with me. Let’s say you are thrilled and excited about this new technique. What are the odds, honestly, that when you pick-up a banana a few days from now that you will open it from “the new top?” Very, very small right?

As an executive coach, I should probably say something serious here about how a good coach will not only help you develop new and wiser ways of doing things but will show you how to integrate your insights and good intentions into your daily life, so you can enjoy the rewards of better performance but hey. We’re only talking about a snack with a peel, right? Let’s not go bananas about it.