Hip Hop Technology Entrepreneurs

Experiencing would views different from my own is a fascinating and capacity-building exercise for me as an executive coach. Effective coaching requires me to respect and distinguish the discourses1 that determine and limit my CEO clients’ potential space for action. One way I build this skill is by reading novels and listening to interviews with people from cultures and careers that I would not interact with in the normal course of my own life.

I was surprised to have this opportunity while listening to a podcast by Stanford University’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series. Top business schools and entrepreneurs are familiar territory for me but recently the guests were hip-hop artists: Quincy Jones III, MC Hammer, Chamillionaire, and Mistah FAB. If you, like me, have an image of hip-hop limited to chants and rants about drugs, guns, and hos it is time to meet these entrepreneurial thought leaders. They are deep, facile innovators adapting to the digital world of marketing and sales as fast as any Silicon Valley technology start-up.

Listen in to Breakout Music Artists Go Entrepreneurial and experience a world that is bigger and deeper than you probably thought.

1Discourses, as used by Michel Foucault, means “systems of thoughts composed of ideas, attitudes, courses of action, beliefs and practices that systematically construct the subjects and the worlds of which they speak.” Wikipedia