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Jake Avancena Acupuncturist

An email from my wife to our acupuncturist, Jake Avancena of Acupuncture Advantage Care in Herndon and Fredericksburg, Virginia.


I recently told a teacher at my kids’ elementary school about you. She asked me to send her your contact info, which I did. But I also told her about our experiences with you. Below is what I sent her. I thought you might appreciate hearing about our successes again. If you would like to include my testimonials on your website, I would be honored. Feel free to edit.

I hope you are well and business is booming!

Kristine Denzau-Mayo



My husband, my oldest son, and I have all been successfully treated by Jake for various problems. My husband had hand pain for 2 years that was so bad that he couldn’t use his hand for anything, including shaking hands, squeezing a binder clip or using a computer mouse. Jake cured him in just 2 visits. That was about 3 years ago and his hand is still fine. He also had (more…)