I recently had the privilege of providing executive coaching to a dynamic global entrepreneur selected by the TED Foundation for one of their distinguished fellowships. He shares, below, some of his experience with my executive coaching.

TED Fellow Sandeep SoodTony combines entrepreneurial advice and Eastern wisdom to deliver a holistic coaching experience. He is a keen listener; often, I would begin a session talking about my weekend or some other topic that felt like small talk–and I would be stunned by Tony’s ability to draw out patterns and lessons from the tiniest details of my life.

Within a few weeks of working with Tony, I accomplished the following:

  1. Committed to a series of improvements in my sales process and marketing strategy, that eventually lead to one million dollars in leads.
  2. Recommitted to a meditation practice, which I have continued.
  3. I was able to see clearly how my personal and work lives were one and the same; that I manifested the same behavior regardless of the situation.

I will always be grateful for Tony’s contribution to my growth; I can think of few ways to start 2010 that would have been more powerful than working with him.

Sandeep Sood, Executive Director
Monsoon Company