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Here are my recent tweets (messages):

Ours is a world where people don’t know what they want and are willing to go through hell to get it. –Don Marquis

Success means only doing what you do well, letting someone else do the rest. –Goldstein S. Truism

Complaint is a preservative for pain. –Tony Mayo

People don’t quit jobs; they quit bosses. Are you a manager good people stay with?

Fatigue makes cowards of us all. –Vince Lombardi

I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it. ~ Jonathan Winters

You don’t need to search for love if love is where you start.

Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting a bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.

Resistance is fueled by fear. –Steven Pressfield War of Art

When the pain of resignation exceeds the fear of change, we grow. –Tony Mayo

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