I am starting to use Twitter to share brief daily messages. You can have them delivered to your cell phone by text message (SMS) or view them when you visit your free Twitter web page. Create a Twitter account and “follow” TonyMayo.

Here are my recent tweets (messages):

What I want most is to want less.

Creativity is looking at the old and seeing the new.

My gratitude story for Thanksgiving: http://tinyurl.com/6dpkof

Practice living into your reputation instead being limited by your self-evaluation.

Gratitude is the highway to happiness. https://tonymayo.com/tag/gratitude/

“Wisdom & Knowledge” are only strengths negatively correlated with happiness. Was happier without that knowledge. http://tinyurl.com/66od55

I’m learning the basics of Twitter for business. Here’s a good checklist: http://tinyurl.com/5u75pe

Just posted reference to cool article on life and meaning at https://tonymayo.com/the-meaning-from-life/



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