Raj Khera

Tony has the unique ability to bring out the best in you. In executive coaching sessions, he can articulate thoughts so clearly that you understand yourself and your options better after just a quick conversation.

Because of working with Tony Mayo as my CEO executive coach, I:

  • Started one-on-one meetings with my staff, which helps to focus the team on reaching defined goals.
  • Learned to let go of guilt for taking time off; taking time off helps to gain perspective and be more productive when at work. [See also, Boss’s Vacation, on this blog.]
  • Reduced my operational involvement so I could focus on strategy and building customer relationships.

He is a straight shooter, knows when and how to dig deeper to get to the root of an issue, and stays on top of your goals so you achieve more fulfillment in your own life, personally and professionally.

I HIGHLY recommend him.

The dynamics at the meetings spur insightful dialog among the members to solve real world business problems. I have found myself on many occasions seeing my own situations being addressed in someone else’s discussion. Being the boss can be a lonely job since few understand what we go through. This group has helped me grow both personally and professionally

–Raj Khera, CEO
MailerMailer LLC.