A quick message from The Business Owner’s Executive Coach on the 7 rules to improve any goal.


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Managing Yourself with Specific Measurable Results.


Hello I’m Tony Mayo the business owners executive coach. In other videos I’ve shared the three most common reasons for not having a written set of up to date specific life goals and the other side of the coin 110 reasons to set goals. Today I’m here with the seven specific formatting rules that will make your wishes much much more likely to come true. These come from this slim volume
which summarizes over a hundred studies of successful goal-setting programs. Good goal guide number one describe the objective or task that is the result you want. Number two specify the measurements to be used. Is it dollars, growth rate, subscribers. Number three set the target. You know if you like it you’re sure to put a number on it. You’ve probably heard this one before as if you don’t measure it you can’t manage it.

Number four, create a deadline or performance period. The magic words for producing results are by when. Number five priority rank multiple goals to do this distinguish priority from importance step five isn’t about import which goals matter the most but simple priority. That is which results need to happen before the next one is even possible for example a goal of running forty-five minutes per day must be achieved before your goal of running back-to-back ultramarathons. Running every day is it more important than the marathon it just has to happen prior to the race. Number six rate the difficulty in importance of your goals this is optional but it can help. Number seven last one determine who else needs to be involved am consideration confirms that every goal that really matters to you requires action by other people. Even if you’re the main contributor at least recruit someone else to monitor your performance. I mean face it all of your excuses make perfect sense inside your head, but if you have to justify procrastination or distraction to another person well you know that feels. Often it’s less painful to do the work than to get that look.

My preferred term for goals summarizes and reflects these guidelines I call goals specific measurable results or SMRs. Hey there’s one more surprising yet supremely powerful guideline for successful goal-setting. Next time I’ll explain what you should plan from the future.

Good luck with your goals and I’ll see you back here again.

Today I’m here with us seven specific one two three four five six seven that’s it I’m here at the seven formatting rules that will make your wishes much much more likely to come true these come from I am I am going to do this one more time and that’s all there is to it and then I’m gonna quit.