Being busy is no badge of honor. Choose a better way to be.



Hello I’m Tony Mayo, The Business Owner’s Executive Coach.

There’s a phrase becoming more and more common that I’m starting to take as an insult. I mean, when did it become a compliment to say to someone, “I know you’re busy.” How do I look busy? Do I seem harried, overwhelmed, am I dropping the ball? Am I not fulfilling on my promises and commitments? Do you think I’m incompetent to what I’m trying to do? Why would you assume I’m busy?
That’s a _nice_ thing to say?

I know, it’s the culture we live in now. But it wasn’t always this way.

Heck, in my lifetime, you could spot the really successful, truly effective people, by the fact they had time freedom. They were relaxed enough to take on new projects, to be creative, to have really good conversations. And, it could be that way again. Hey, it was like that for hundreds of years.

Let’s start making a change, because, busy is for the bees, not for effective executives.

Years ago I was lucky to have a really strong manager tell me, that when he left the office in the evening and noticed that someone was staying late now and then, he knew that person was dedicated. But, if he sees the same person working away night after night, day after day, he knew that person couldn’t handle their job.

Is that the message you want to send by crowing about how busy and over-committed you are, that you can’t handle your job? That’s not who you want to be. You want to be relaxed. You want to have the freedom to choose your next activity, to know you’re focused on the things that really matter.

You can rest, you can create, you can consult, you can spend time with people, and when someone comes to you with a request, you don’t have to prove to them you’re too busy to listen. You can prove to them that you’re successful enough to carefully consider it.

Because, busy is not success. Busy is a symptom.

Thanks for watching this video.

I hope you enjoyed it, that you apply it, and share it.