The one habit to change if you are tired of feeling overwhelmed in this quick video message from an executive coach.



Hello I’m Tony Mayo, The Business Owner’s Executive Coach.

Have you noticed the epidemic we’re in? It’s a widespread infection called overwhelm. You may have caught it yourself. I know I’ve had it a few times.

I’m going to tell you the cause of overwhelm and that’ll give you the key to avoiding it.

But, I’ll warn you, you’re not going to like the answer.

The cause of overwhelm is insincerity, not telling the truth.

How does it work? Well, we get into overwhelm by making promises -either to ourselves or to people around us- that we will accomplish certain things _knowing_ that we can’t. Or, won’t. Or, are unlikely to.

When we say it, we may mean it, but at some point it becomes clear we just can’t handle it, we haven’t got the time, the skills, the interest.

When you find yourself in overwhelm, find out where and to whom you are being insincere.

And if you noticed that your employees are continually suffering from overwhelm, it’s a harder look at yourself.

What is it about the way you run your company that people don’t feel safe enough to tell you the truth about what they can really accomplish?

Thanks for watching this video.
I hope you enjoyed it,
that you apply it,
and that you share it.