A quick message from an executive coach on how you can grow beyond the urge to control and micro-manage every action toward acting with confidence in your team and your own ability to respond to every eventuality.



Hello, I’m Tony Mayo, The Business Owners’ Executive Coach.

The business owners I work with tend to have very clear ideas about the outcomes they want to produce, and even the methods they want to use to get those outcomes.

Unfortunately, this clarity and strong intention can lead to a desire to control things every step of the way. Unfortunately, control is largely an illusion.

If you’re doing anything significant involving other people, resources, time, and chance, you can’t really control everything, and the attempt to do so discourages the very best people around you. Because -think about it- the most intelligent, creative, responsible people… They don’t want to be controlled; they want to contribute. They want to participate. They want to be creative.

So what’s the alternative… if I’m going to give up this illusion of control? The alternative I suggest is _confidence_ When you’re clear about your commitments, your skills, and your ability to respond, you can be _confident_ that, whatever outcome there is, you will respond appropriately.

So please, be less attached to the methods and how things are done, and more clear about the outcome you desire, and the reasons for it.

Be confident that you’ll be able to have the conversations, take the actions, no matter what the outcomes are.

You don’t need to control. Be confident.

Thanks for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed it, that you apply it, and share it.