A quick message from an executive coach on how to get people to follow you and take appropriate actions.



Hello, I’m Tony Mayo, the business owner’s executive coach. Today’s video is a demonstration based on a leadership principle often shared by General Dwight Eisenhower. Hey, did you know that Michael Crichton, the best-selling author, pointed out that any idea seems more credible and important if you attach the name of a famous person to it? Hmm. But, hey, I’d never use a cheap trick like that. So today’s principle is something I call string theory management, …created by President Eisenhower. Knowing that the goal is up and towards the right, as it usually is, but your organization has people going at all different directions… …many would take the approach of sort of pushing and prodding and trying to adjust every little bend that’s not in the right place. This is called Management By Exception. But, you know, you just don’t have enough fingers to get that right. It’s a bit like pressing down on the bubble in the carpet. It just bubbles up somewhere else. Others, concerned about a goal in that direction, decide to just sort of push people in that direction. But, you know, you may get everyone there, but it takes a lot of energy to move everyone and things tend to get pretty tangled up. This is called Management By Objective. There is a third approach, the one I endorse and recommend to you. And that is -since the goal is up here- stand here, as the leader, in the future, with a clear vision of the goal, and communicate that goal in such a way that people begin to be attracted to you, that they follow you, that they take appropriate action. As one person follows, others follow them, they follow the others, and soon enough, the whole organization is headed in the right direction toward your goal. This is called Leadership. Thanks for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it, that you apply it, and share it.