A quick message from an executive coach on how to use your anger productively.




Hello, I’m Tony Mayo, the business owners’ executive coach. Let’s talk about anger. Anger is an emotion. And, like all emotions, it’s a predisposition or feeling that makes us more likely to take particular actions. The particular action associated with anger is to harm or damage. And, that’s the problem with anger in the work environment. Chances are it really is not a good idea to do any harm or damage to the people and objects in your place of work. But, anger arises. What to do about it? What I encourage you to do is, when you feel that anger, take a breath, and inquire into, “What’s the value being threatened?” I found when my boys were young that if they started to hurt each other I got really angry. But of course, I didn’t want to damage or harm my little boys. So, I inquired into, “What is the value?” Well, I want people to support and take care of each other, particularly family members. And, when I saw that was the value that I wanted to promote or protect, the next step was clear. I spoke to them. I showed them ways to cooperate. I encouraged the behavior that I was looking for instead of demonstrating anger, which I definitely am not looking for. So, the next time you feel that emotion welling up, leading you towards to harm or destroy by yelling, by throwing, by making rash decisions, …take that breath, and discover what value of yours you feel is under threat and then choose a response that will be most effective, that will be constructive, that will bring your value into reality. Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoyed this, that you’ll apply it, and share it.