You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going because you might not get there.

–Yogi Berra

Happy New Year!


Or so we have been saying. But will it be happy for you? Will it even be all that new? Or is it just the same stuff on a different date? Is 2012 your future or just a rearranged version of your past?

Try this quick exercise. Pretend it is now January 1, 2013. How are you feeling about 2012? Was it a year of satisfaction or disappointment, growth or decay, health or decline, contribution or frustration? One year from today, what will you wish you had done sooner?

Like most of the people I ask, you have probably retired from the “New Year’s resolution” routine. Is this because you are growing up or merely wearing down? Perhaps, like me, you once expected that getting older would provide you with more knowledge and resources for tackling projects and possibilities, yet it often seems that we have instead accumulated enough failures and disappointments to dissuade us from even considering most of those daring adventures.

Maybe cynics are just better informed than idealists…

Or, maybe, none of those thoughts matter a bit!

I have a whole year and more out there wanting me to use it. I will spend my one and only 2012 on work with people committed to growth and satisfaction. My family, friends, and clients have me for a partner in their dreams. My clients know they can depend on me to support them.

I want to support you, so I have made my most powerful goal-setting tool available to you, free! Check-out my free Goal-Setting Tool Kit.

It’s your year. Live it!


The key is to write down the result you want.

This simple step will vastly increase your likelihood of success. Professor John Norcross has conducted several studies which lead him to conclude:

You are ten times as likely to succeed by making a resolution as to succeed by not making one.

Changing for Good